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It is represented, as other factors influence the relation to the managerial personnel on places. The following belongs to the factors promoting decentralization of management: numerous team of heads on places, duration of their work in the companies and a good track record. All these factors somewhat promote delegation of power on decision-making on the level of these or those country branches.

This situation became for MNK a difficult dilemma. There are powerful arguments in favor of the centralized carrying out researches and development in the countries of basing, for example: existence of considerable number of the people working directly for the company, proximity of the private research organizations and universities, and also the general benefits caused by decrease in level of duplication of efforts at the centralized management of researches and development.

The increasing expansion of technological and geographical boundaries, and also development of new public institutes led to formation of the business environment characterized by the competition on a global scale. Its distinctive features are use of foreign countries as base for production and sales of products and fast distribution of new goods and new processes internationally.

Many companies, firms, the enterprises, expanding the field of activity, enter relationship with the companies of other states, open the branches in the abroad, merge with other companies, forming large corporations, etc., that is start being engaged in foreign economic activity. In these conditions the manager involved in decision-making process in the conditions of the international competition needs to know features of management of foreign economic activity of the company.

The companies having offices abroad use the special methods and structural constructions promoting achievement of compliance of the purposes zaru6ezhnykh branches to common goals and philosophy of corporation. Seven aspects of management process and control at the international level will be considered further: a role and a place of administrative decisions in foreign trade activities; organizational structures in management of foreign trade activities; planning of management from the manager; analysis of the foreign trade activities environment; corporate culture; indicators and methods of the reporting; management in special cases.

The order of creation of the enterprises, joint with the foreign capital, registration of participants of foreign economic activity and licensing of production was significantly simplified. All this positively affected an of foreign economic activity and improvement of structure of export and import.

Presence of the real or potential consumers and competitors on a global scale can also cause character of the decision on expediency of increase of efficiency of global activity at the expense of branches in the certain countries. For example, price concessions to the producer of cars can help expansion of volume of deliveries from other countries where the buyer has automobile production with Brazil. The company can also influence the competitor, making and marketing production where the competitor concentrated the main resources and by that to improve competitive positions at the global level.

Shortage of data or existence of the growing old and inexact data on many countries strongly complicate researches and increase their cost. In the certain countries, for example to the USA, the state collects very detailed data on purchases, and also demographic data which any person or firm can receive for a small payment.

Uzbekistan as the sovereign state actively conducts work on formation of an open. A basis of creation of economy of open type is broad participation of the country in communications, the international division of labor. Consistently carrying out measures for an of economic reforms, formation of socially oriented market economy, Uzbekistan proceeds from that indisputable fact that the economy — is free economy, it has open character, the and isolation are alien to it. In this regard the future of economy seems in its integration economy.