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Developed by M. M. Putilin (196 special system of cabins intended for assistance to natural renewal of pine plantings though yields quite good results, but differs in the bigger duration and complexity owing to what its application causes great difficulties.

G. F. Morozov (190 considered as the main reason for bad natural renewal of a pine dryness of the top horizons of the soil, a weak protective role, and sometimes and the drying-up influence of maternal bed curtains of the wood. M.P. Scriabin (196 coordinated good natural renewal of a pine in TsChO to recurrence of fluctuations of climatic conditions.

Improvement of forest vegetation conditions (drainage of boggy forest lands, hashing of a laying with a mineral layer of earth, introduction of soil-improving tree species, including an underbrush, lime application of sour forest soils, introduction of peat on poor dry soils, crops of a lupine, etc.).

Further selection of sterile and low-yield hybrid forms for the purpose of their introduction to structure of artificial plantings along with other fast-growing and fruitful phenotypes can become one of the actions directed on increase of efficiency of northern fir groves.

The last three reflect a field of interaction of a landscape with environment. As to judge in general biological efficiency of forest landscapes quite difficult, considering shortage of materials and literature, I will stop directly on the wood (or on its dominants – as its obligatory component.

At complex use of the wood not only business wood, but also and thin trunks, branches, needles leaves will find application as the vegetable weight containing a large amount of biologically active agents – vitamins, a chlorophyll, microcells, medicinal connections. All parts of a tree are valuable raw materials for chemical industry; branches go on construction materials and can be used in pulp and paper industry. Now forest managers at valuation of forest stands define not only a reserve of stem wood, but weight of all parts of a tree as it is obvious that in the near future all parts of trees will be used in the industry and agriculture.

Also lesovodstvenny measures of fight are of great importance: special systems of the cabins which are not allowing settling of the soil of cutting areas cockchafers, special agrotechnical methods of creation of cultures, attraction of birds, the destroying cockchafers, special selection of breeds, etc.

Introduction of fast-growing breeds, selection and introduction to forest cultures of the most productive forms of our main valuable breeds (an oak, a pine, a fir-tree, an aspen, birches at the maximum use of achievements of modern selection science. From fast-growing tree species it is possible to point to a larch, a poplar, treelike willows, a white acacia, manchzhursky, gray and black nuts, an Amur cork tree, an oak red, the Austrian and black pine, etc.

Forest regeneration - process of formation of new generation of the wood under wood bed curtains, on cuttings down, and other categories of forest lands. Distinguish renewal natural or artificial. For acceleration of process of formation of new generation in favorable forest vegetation conditions carry out assistance to natural renewal (see Categories of lands of forest fund, Cutting down, Gary, Forest vegetation conditions).

From descriptions of processing methods of those years it is known that at creation of forest cultures of a pine deep processing of the soil was applied, on chernozems was added at cultivation of a pine sand, on sand the preliminary shelyugovaniye was already applied. Landing was made in flutes or in poles of 18*18 cm in size.

Works on control of unauthorized cabins is a part of necessary actions for strengthening of control of lumberers and the exporting firms. In general, in our opinion, fight against unauthorized cabins requires carrying out actions for the following directions:

Model trees in details settled accounts on the main fractions (needles of various years, live and dead boughs, wood, etc.) and the crude and absolutely dry weight of various fractions then data were subjected to the statistical analysis was determined.