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Vineyard plows - PRVN-2,5 rippers, PRVN 72000 adaptations, garden cultivators of KSG-5, FA-0,76A mill, working bodies for two-layer processing of the soil in row-spacings, a mulchirovaniye of a track and a pristvolny strip, plows - PRVN-2,5 rippers for a rod ukryvka are modernized and introduced by the soil taken from inter-track space of row-spacings and to ZSV-2 for transportation of containers at the same time century through workshops of farms. 5 row-spacings, providing decrease in traction resistance of units not less, than for 25% and increase in labor productivity in 1. 1,8 times.

Further actions in methodology are subordinated to structure of use of the selected array of information on the COMPUTER. This problem of conditional settlement character. It is connected with uncontrollable variables which criteria sign is also existence of independently existing complete stages in planting life, that is, stages. The acceptability of such gradation is proved by possibility of creation of TSR which confirms discrete nature of technology as sets, through its recurrence. Thanks to recurrence function of this set also a vychislima, and techniques of 2 and 3 polnomerna.

Such process of a set of information though it simplifies procedure, however, and is durable. It is rational to them to use in controlled conditions. Its system of display of information (SDI) is evident and convenient for use by the operator.

The array of information concluded in expression (it can be used for calculation of technology when there is an accumulation of productivity. If in technology product volume in the subsequent steps does not change, the array of information for calculation submits to the direct sum of three-element trees

The purpose of work consists in justification, development and use of scientific bases of formation of optimum material base for creation of the concrete mechanized technologies of long-term plantings.

the classification and formalization of functional differences of plantings and kroner of plants against levels in world gradation of generations of equipment which are structurally displayed coherence, repeatability and expediency of a joint of conditioning agents with objects of leaving;

(1 characterizes technology in past, present and future tense, by display of group arguments in the form of a trajectory of the balanced growth of the array of information during technology in time intervals and.

- accompanying a component of tariff restriction, including expenses on performance of operations in the module for ensuring functioning of other modules of technology (triangular matrixes: - occupying a field of elements is higher, but without and - occupying a field of elements is higher, but without).

Hypothetically the problem consists that in management of functioning of technology are insufficiently considered: planting mnogoletnost; an invariance of schemes of landings, at continuous change of very tectonics of kroner; change of properties of the environment as a result of repeated monotonous cyclic impact on it; limit parameters of a joint in system the car - a plant - Wednesday.

- all-modular a component of tariff restriction, including expenses on: depreciation; maintenance and storage of equipment; Fuels and lubricants; general production and general economy needs; surcharge and charges to tariff fund and other works (a matrix - an element at and);

The Pooperatsionny analysis of works in stages showed that works can be blocked on belonging to the environment of service and that such independently existing blocks in each stage is no more than seven: zero, soil-cultivating, udobrenchesky, meliorative, gabitusny, protective and harvest. Structurally blocks are same as consist of patrimonial operations, mashinno - tractor base and tariff restrictions. This uniformity allowed to carry them to modular structures. At the solution of practical tasks they present to technologies to function of optimization of the corresponding block of a stage (system small the rank, and from seven, corresponding conditions of a zone, modules, can be made optimum technology of care of long-term culture in a stage (i.e. system big a rank, and from a stage of a bookmark, education and operation - technology.