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failure to meet requirements on carrying out the liquidated or preserved excavations and boreholes in the state ensuring safety of the population, and also requirements for safety of mineral deposits, excavations and boreholes for the period of their preservation;

The harm done to the state as a result of activity of the subsoil user guilty of selective working off of rich sites of mineral deposits, and also other actions which led to damage of a field or creation of conditions, partially or completely excluding possibility of further use of natural resources, is subject to compensation for the account of own means of the subsoil user.

to the subsoil user who is carrying out production of mineral from residual stocks of the lowered quality except for cases of deterioration of reserves of mineral as a result of selective working off of a field.

Charge for participation in competition (auction is brought by all their participants and is one of conditions of registration of the demand. The sum of collecting is defined proceeding from the cost of a factor cost on preparation, carrying out and summing up competition (auction, preparation, registration and registration of the granted license for use of natural resources.