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Speaking about advantages of new servers, it should be noted possibility of use of Pentium Pro processors in them with a frequency up to 266 MHz, support of DIMM modules of memory with correction of mistakes, existence of the integrated Ultra Wide SCSI controlers and network Intel Ether Express Pro adapters with a capacity of 100 Mbps, and also subsystems of automatic control of supply voltage and temperature in the case. The senior models have bridge architecture of tires PCI with 6 sockets and 10-12 offices for disks with possibility of "hot replacement" (hot swap).

Introduction - a phase of emergence of new goods in the market (originally in the form of trial sales). The marketing purpose - to create the market of new goods. At this stage the goods still are a novelty. That the goods were recognized and accepted by consumers in commercial sense and proved the advantages in sense technical, considerable time and big expenses of money is required. Thus the volume of realization is small and increases very slowly.

On October 16 the eighth meeting of the Board of Directors of VIST corporation took place. Members of council - directors of the largest regional representations and top managers of the VIST company took part in its work.

Marketing. The high expenses on advertizing but nevertheless making a smaller share of a turn than in an introduction phase. For the goods which do not have technical character, key tasks are advertizing and a tovaroraspredeleniye.

The basis of the production program of the company is made by perspective models of computers on the basis of the Pentium and Pentium Pro processors made on the most advanced technology with use of the latest development and the most modern microelement base.

In the VIST company Sergey Manevich will be is subordinate by all its services. The structural changes of the company which are carried out by him will concern also system of division of tasks, and interaction of divisions, economic and general discipline.

For the VIST company as manufacturing firm, the retail network is a place where consumer demand is studied, new perspective models of customer service are fulfilled, marketing of new models of WHIST computers is carried out.

Opportunity continuously to improve technology, to hold hours-long testing of ready platforms at test benches, to exercise multistage quality control guarantees production, meeting the most strict standards and the requirements of buyers.

Together with them the wide range of the network equipment Intel, including 100 Mbs network interface cards, the modular increased concentrators, and also software for administration and resource management of a network is delivered.

The company offers the buyers a wide range of the most advanced computer systems which concede nothing and, even, surpass in the technological level, novelty of the used electronic technologies, indicators of productivity and reliability similar products of foreign firms.

Release of well proved specialized personal computers, for example house Black Jack II, network VIST NetPC, the multiprocessor graphic stations, especially compact models of computers will be continued.

This concept is actual for this course design because it is necessary to analyze competitiveness at each stage of life cycle of goods for the organization of effective sales of products, best-selling in the market.

High quality of products is provided not only a technological level of production, but also strict selection of suppliers of accessories. Main knots and components of computers: processors, motherboards, monitors, disk subsystems, are delivered from Europe and the USA from plants Intel, Samsung and other leading producers of the electronic equipment.

At the second stage of 500 more teachers of high schools were trained at already approved ten-hour (fact-finding) course and, in parallel with it, the advanced fifty-hour course for 100 teachers from among trained opened.

WHIST computers are exported to the CIS countries in recent years. Export is carried out on the basis of certificates of the country of origin of ST - Now the company conducts works on certification of the quality system on compliance to requirements of the ISO 900 standard